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Sep 30, 2012 5:00am PDT
for marriage equal. where do you all stand on this issue? >> i stand firmly in my religion's belief that marriage is between a man and a woman, but there should be legal rights because it is somewhat of a civil rights issues for gays that want to marry. but for me, religioureligiously marriage is between a man and a woman. >> marsha, i think many people who identify as republican talk about moral issues. when they say that, it tends to be abortion, stem cell research, and gay marriage. but what about poverty? that's an issue. crumbling schools. those seem to be moral issues as well. why is it that black folk tend to isolate these things as moral issues and not these other things and vote based on those? >> when you look at black church, it's very conservative. the values are the same that conservative republicans or conservative democrats, anyone would have. but i think what happens, and i'm a history major, look at where the black community was over a hundred years ago, and i think what happens in the 1930s, suddenly we got this i can get something for nothing, and that's when we s
Sep 30, 2012 7:00am PDT
of strength and diversity. there's beauty. this is about acceptance of different cultures, religions, different peoples of all walks of life. >> reporter: david said it will be a prominent statement to the countless people who pass it. >> how we have rallied and stood up for what's right in this community. >> reporter: the community has shown endless support. hours later, a fund-raiser was also held to benefit the sikh temple victims and lieutenant bryan murphy who was shot 15 times by the gunman. >> he's a hero for the community and for everyone here in oak creek. he's a strong man. we can't be thankful for enough for what he's done. >> reporter: more than a hundred volunteers from the temple police department and other community businesses held a dinner and raffle to drum up money for those who are recovering and for those families who lost a loved one. wrist bands and t-shirts were also sold as a token of rather bans. >> it -- of remembrance. >> it touches my heart because i know what these people are going through. >> it's hard to see your friends and coworkers go through the dif
Oct 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
speech, privacy and freedom of religion. thecritics of this say the law could make teens dae pressed and -- depressed and suicidal. >>> those little bugs say these bugs -- those little bugs, they are everywhere are eating broccoli, mustard cabbage, kale. these bugs look like lady bugs but they can easily wipe out a whole crop. >>> well, things got really hot between the new "american idol" judges, nicki minaj and mariah carey. tmz posted this video on the website. nicki minaj can be heard cursing at mariah carey. a disagreement about one contestant's perm formance reportedly triggered all of this. ktvu will be airing "american idol" beginning in january. >>> tmz reporting that -- that khloe kardashian and mario lopez will be named at the new qx factor "judges -- will be named the new" x factor "judges if everything goes well with the contracts. >>> who will get the first word in tonight's presidential debate? find out next when we go live to our washington, d.c. bureau. >> reporter: searching for a cause here in berkeley of an early-morning fire that destroyed a house. the ow
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3